It is winter in Kentucky and I love the saying if you don’t like the weather just wait it will change by the end of the day.
Yes it was 70 in December and this morning it was 9!

Here is how we do it straight from the FCPS website


Decisions and options

Students’ safety is a top priority, so on wintry days, a team of district employees begins assessing conditions as early as 2:30 a.m. These leaders — in consultation with meteorologists and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Streets and Roads Division — consider roads, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, precipitation, outdoor temperatures, wind chills, current conditions and the weather forecast, with a goal of announcing a decision by 5 a.m.

Whenever travel is unsafe, FCPS has three choices:

  1. Cancel school
  2. Delay the start of school
  3. Dismiss school early

Please remember that conditions vary throughout the community. One end of the county might be clear while other areas of town remain treacherous. With student safety as the guiding priority, FCPS makes decisions based on what’s best for the whole community. The district also respects the right of each family to make different choices based on what they feel is best for their children’s safety.

1. If school is canceled:

Afternoon and evening student activities are canceled for elementary and middle schools. Activities geared toward adults (like SBDM and PTA meetings) may continue at the principal’s discretion.

At the high-school level, afternoon and evening student activities should be considered canceled. If the weather improves during the morning and activities can be held safely, an announcement will be made no later than 12:30 p.m. Decisions will be communicated to principals, who will distribute the information to coaches and sponsors.

Make-up days

State law requires school districts to make up every day missed so that the school year contains at least 170 days of teaching and learning and 1,062 instructional hours. There is no exception unless FCPS misses 20 consecutive days or a change is approved by the governor or General Assembly.

The FCPS calendars (online and PDFs) are updated after each make-up date is announced.

2. If school is delayed:

All schools start either one or two hours later than normal. Buses run regular routes; just add one or two hours to the regularly scheduled times.

All preschool sessions are canceled (morning and afternoon).

Zero-hour classes at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School are canceled (but not at Henry Clay). Morning technical center classes will meet if on a one-hour delay, but are canceled if on a two-hour delay. Afternoon tech schedules remain the same either way. Buses still run to Opportunity Middle College, with pickup at students’ home high schools.

School dismissal times remain the same, and afternoon and evening activities continue as usual.

Decisions about making up the time missed will be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with state guidelines.

3. If schools dismiss early:

Afternoon preschool sessions, afternoon technical center classes and after-school activities are all canceled. Children in the morning preschool sessions will ride the buses home as usual.

Bus riders will arrive at their regular stops earlier. Simply subtract from the regular drop-off times

Decisions about making up the time missed will be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with state guidelines.

Weekend activities

Based on weather and road conditions and forecasts, all district activities scheduled on the weekend are subject to being placed on hold or canceled. District officials will decide before 6 a.m. on Saturday. There is no provision for morning versus afternoon or evening activities; all activities are either placed on hold or canceled as determined.

Happy New Year! Make plans to read with your child in 2016!

Welcome to 2016…

What do our kids really need this year?

1- Adults that read to them!
2- Adults that read with them!
3- Adults that put down their devices and model reading books, magazines, papers, and more!
4- Adults that ask their kids to read with them!
Are you getting the picture? The research is clear! If we read with our kids they are better students, better thinkers, better adults and more!
Check out just some of the research below…

Why do my kids have to be on time?

Tardies! They are always an issue! Why is it important to be on time? What is the big deal?

1- It teaches responsibility! We want everyone to grow up and have a job. If you are consistently late and blame the traffic eventually your boss is not going to accept it! Set a good example for the kids in your car!
2- It gives kids a good start! We all know that if we get to our destination early and can take our time everything goes better. It is good for kids to get to their classrooms, put their things away and start their day without having to rush!
3- It is a state law! Yes, it is the law and the law says after 3 tardies  a student is considered truant!

Flexibility – How do we decide to excuse tardies?
1- Weather Issues – If we have major rain or snow that causes unsafe conditions with our parking lots, driveways and sidewalks we will excuse tardies!
2- Accidents – If there is an accident that backs up the traffic we will excuse tardies!
3- Extenuating Circumstances – These are at my discretion and can include, but are not limited to:
-an event in the building at 7:30 a.m.
-projects being delivered.

Things to Think about!
Unfortunately, if everyone arrives at 7:40 we can’t get students to class on time.
There is not much traffic between 7:15-7:30 a.m. Come early!
If you are late, state law requires you to sign your student in at the office! Please do not argue with the staff. They are just trying to do their job.
Please read all the policies here:

Everybody runs late… it is okay. Have a good attitude and don’t make it a habit! If you have questions or concerns about it just call the office, 381-3161!

We are more than a test score!

This time of year we hear test scores! test scores! test scores!
Sometimes when I hear someone say schools are all about the test scores it makes me very sad.
I promise when the test scores came out I had to go look on the wall to see what our scores where last year.
I see that our teachers spend lots more time day in and day out on the individual child and his/her needs then what will be on a test we take in May.
We at VPE we believe that our great test scores are a byproduct of a well rounded educational program that develops the whole child!
We want students to feel safe!
We want to offer a warm and welcoming climate and culture!
We want students to love learning!
We want students to be well rounded with an opportunity to explore many different topics and interests!
We want to focus on the whole child!
We believe if we do all of these things and more… the test score will follow!
Check out what our teachers do every day from our awesome kids:

Encourage your kids to dream…

It is the time of year when we have to encourage our kids to keep going! Spring Fever is here but we still have lots of learning to do! Check out this article about how to help your kids develop their dreams… Remember all the adults around them make a difference… Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and Coaches too!


A little snow can’t stop VPE!
Saturday morning we went right on with our breakfast and it was a huge success!
Here is what I learned about our best men…

1.- They love spending time with their kids!

2.- They are flexible and don’t mind if there is a long line for breakfast!_DSC03821

3.- They are not afraid to get out in the snow and come to school… Remember_DSC0397 it was just a coating (+5 inches)!

4.- They do a great job sharing with their kids!

5.-  They are not shy; they like talking to other men especially!

6.- You don’t have to be a Dad to be a best man… grandfathers, uncles, brothers and friends work well too!

List of Chapter Books for Elementary Students

Reading is vital! Reading is vital! Please read with or to your child everyday!
If they don’t like to read find something that they like… comic books, magazines, non-fiction or biographies. Just fine something and read it to them.

Here are some great chapter book for elementary students…
(adapted from
The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Hank the Cowdog #1)
1-HANK – The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog: Hank has been accused of murder! In a fit of despair, Hank resigns his position as Head of Ranch Security and decides to join the outlaw coyotes. There he’s known as Hunk (that’s Hank in coyote language). Hank meets Missy Coyote, sister to Scraunch — the meanest, roughest, toughest, most notorious coyote in the whole country. If Scraunch found Hank with his sister… Well, look out for trouble.

charlottes web
2-Charlotte’s Web: This is truly a gem of a children’s book. Beautifully woven, it touches on some major themes (dealing with grief/loss, the wonders of friendship) and does so gracefully. It begins with a little runt of a pig who is destined to be killed because he is so small. When the farmer’s daughter (Fern) finds out, she pleads with her dad to let him live. He agrees, and the pig is named Wilbur. When he is sold to a barn a ways away Fern is sad, but still visits him. In the wake of this major life change, Wilbur befriends a spider named Charlotte. The story that follows is a touching one about the incredible friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur, and the impact one very small being can make.
the phantom tollbooth

3-The Phantom Tollbooth: One day, a bored young boy named Milo unexpectedly receives a magic tollbooth, which he decides to drive through in his toy car. The tollbooth then takes him to the Kingdom of Wisdom, where he embarks upon many adventures, including a quest to save the princesses, Princess Rhyme and Princess Reason. This book is full of puns, and an incredible amount of hilarious idioms (i.e. Milo literally jumps to the Island of Conclusions) that will entertain just about anyone who reads it.

charlie and the chocolate factory
4-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A very poor young boy named Charlie lives with his mother and two sets of Grandparents in ramshackle house in a town where Willy Wonka’s mysterious Chocolate Factory towers above everything. No one ever comes out of the factory, and nobody ever goes in, and yet it is still churning out tons of incredible delicious treats. One day it is announced that in five chocolate bars there will be a golden ticket-which will gain the lucky holder entry into Wonka’s factory. Filled with a cast of eccentric characters and magnificent inventions to marvel at, it is a read that won’t fail to delight.
from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
5-From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: Claudia Kincaid lives a comfortable life in suburbia, but she hates it. She feels that her parents do not appreciate her enough. She wants to run away-to somewhere beautiful and elegant. She chooses the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and invites along her younger brother Jamie. Living in the museum they get wrapped up in a mystery surrounding a statue that was possibly made by Michelangelo. On their quest to find out more about the statue, Claudia meets the extraordinary Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler –the woman who sold the statue to the museum- and discovers more about not just the statue, but about herself as well.
the adventures of huckleberry finn
6-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck is a poor illiterate boy who suffers at the hands of his brutal father. When he decides to flee he is joined a runaway slave named Jim, who is trying to escape even worse brutalities than an abusive father. Together they travel down the Mississippi and face some of the most difficult trials in the human condition-prejudice of age, race and class set against morals, hope, and courage. Their journey is what makes up one of the greatest American novels of all time-and although surrounded by controversy-it is still greatly celebrated today.
the tale of despereaux
7-The Tale of Despereaux: Despereaux Tillings is a small mouse with a large task-to rescue a beautiful human princess. This book is divided into four different sections (called books) that tell the story from different viewpoints. Book I covers Despereaux’s background and origins, while Book II is told from the point of Roscuro-an evil rat with a shadowed past. Book III is told by Miggery Sow, a servant girl who is sold by her father for a handful of cigarettes, a red tablecloth, and a hen. All of the books are set years apart, building to conclude Book IV.
the miraculous journey of edward tulane
8-The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane: Edward Tulane is a china rabbit, who lives a vain life with a little girl who loves him dearly. An unfortunate twist of fate takes this away from Edward when he tumbles over the side of an ocean liner. After 297 days in the oceans depths, he is pulled out by a fisherman. He is then forced to undergo a series of life changes as he passes from one person to the next, bringing him farther from home, and more importantly, farther from the selfish rabbit he once was.
where the red fern grows
9-Where The Red Fern Grows: Billy Colman wants, more than anything, a coonhound pup. When he is lucky enough to get two, he couldn’t be happier. He roams the Ozarks with his dogs, trying to ‘tree’ an elusive raccoon. They quickly become one of the finest hunting teams around, and win the gold cup in the coon-hunt contest. Where there is happiness though, there is also sadness. This book does a wonderful job of balancing these two emotions that come together to make this an unforgettable read.
winnie the pooh
10-Winnie the Pooh: Christopher Robin loves his stuffed bear-Pooh. The two of them, plus a cast of colorful characters, go on all sorts of adventures in the 100 Acre Woods. There are two chapter books about Pooh, and both were written by the author for his son. They capture the essence of a playful child and the incredible powers of their imaginations.
harriet the spy
11-Harriet the Spy: Harriet is a young girl who has a habit of spying and eavesdropping. She regularly takes walks along her “spy route” and writes down everything she hears and thinks about people in a notebook. Consequently, she writes some nasty things, and when her classmates find the notebook and read it, they decide to take revenge.
the adventures of tom sawyer
12-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Tom is a clever and mischievous boy with a knack for getting into trouble. One night he and his friend, Huck, sneak off to the graveyard to find a “cure” for warts. While they are there, they accidentally become witnesses to a murder committed by a man named Injun Joe. Joe, not knowing the boys saw him, accuses another man of the murder. Tom must then face his guilt, or else see an innocent man be convicted of a crime he did not commit.
little house on the prairie
13-Little House on the Prairie: Taking place from 1869-1870, Little House on the Prairie focus’s on the life of the Ingall’s family as they go through the trials and tribulations of moving from their old home in the Big Woods to a new home on-you guessed it- the prairie. There they must face illness and dangers such as they hadn’t encountered before, and are eventually forced to leave the land.
sideways stories from wayside school
14-Sideways Stories From Wayside School: There’s something a little odd about Wayside School…it was supposed to be 1 story tall with 30 classrooms, but the builder got confused and made it 30 stories tall with only a single classroom on each floor. The book has 30 chapters, and each one tells a new, totally wacky adventure about the kids in Mrs. Jewels class on the 30th floor.
15-Stargirl: Leo is an 11th grader at Mica High, and he has never met anyone like Stargirl before. Nobody has met anybody like Stargirl before, for that matter. She is always completely and totally herself, dancing around the cafeteria and playing the ukulele and singing happy birthday whenever she gets the chance. She quickly skyrockets to popularity, and Leo is in love. In the fickle ways of highschool, however, Stargirlis shunned as quickly as she became popular. Leo, who is now her boyfriend, must decide between her, and the acceptance of everybody else. The choice he makes will travel with him for the rest of his life.
ramona the pest
16-Ramona The Pest: Brimming with laughs, this book tells the story of Ramona as she eagerly awaits the first day of kindergarten. But starting school is a big deal, and while she thought she was more than ready for it, Ramona becomes more and more unsure whether or not she can face the trials and tribulations that come with the beginning of kindergarten.
the boxcar children
17-The Boxcar Children: The Boxcar Children tells the story of 4 orphans-Jessie, Violet, Benny and Henry. One night they stay over at the bakery after buying some food with what money they had left. In exchange for staying, they work around the bakery the next day. When they overhear the baker saying he is going to take Benny away because he is too young to live alone, the children flee. They take shelter in an abandoned boxcar and begin a new life. Henry ends up doing odd jobs for a man named Dr. Moore and making the best out of life in a boxcar.
mary poppins
18-Mary Poppins: One day an east wind blows Mary Poppins, the most unusual nanny ever, onto the doorstep of the Banks house at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane. From then on, life for Jane, Michael, and the twins will never be the same. Mary Poppins brings enchantment with her everywhere-sliding UP banisters, and making medicine taste yummy. One things for certain-in all the kids chapter books there have been or ever will be, there will never be a nanny quite like Mary Poppins.
the borrowers
19-The Borrowers: Arrietty is not your average fourteen year old. For one, she lives with her mom and dad (Pod and Homily) under the floor boards of a house, and she’s only a few inches tall. The family “borrows” things from the big people, and do their best to not be seen. One day Arrietty befriends one of the big people in the house-a young boy who has been sent from India to recover from an illness with his aunt and uncle. When this happens, the secret of the Borrowers existence threatens to be revealed and their whole world turned upside down.
20-Pippi Longstocking: Pippi lives the life that many children dream of-alone, and free of any sort of authoritative figure (as she doesn’t go to school either.) Sadly, she has wound up this way because her mother died and her father disappeared at sea. But does this get Pippi down? Not really. She spends times playing with her pet monkey, horse and the well behaved children next door , making each day exciting and filled with hilarity.



List of Things to do on a SNOW DAY… when there is no snow!


1. Read a BOOK… Always my first choice!

2. Start a snow day journal… think about how much fun it will be to go back 10 years from now and read about what you did on snow days.

3. Sleep late!

4. Write a letter to a grandparent, friend or relative that lives in another place. Actually mail it!

5. Cook a special dinner for the family… check out some recipes here:  Ideas for Kids to Cook

6. Draw and paint a picture together… Check out these projects on Pinterest! Painting and Drawing Projects

7. Take a nap!

8. Use a smart phone to make a movie… Here are some easy apps to use: Movie making apps!

9. Make it a game day! Play a different game every hour… Have you taught your kids to play Yahtzee, Sorry, Clue, Checkers or Connect 4?

10. Watch a classic movie like…
Here are my top 5…

  1. Wizard of Oz
  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one)
  3. Pete’s Dragon
  4. Bambi
  5. National Velvet

Most importantly let your child enjoy the unscheduled time! Let kids be kids and have some fun! As adults the snow day announcement does not always bring joy but for kids it is an exciting day! Don’t steal their joy with our adult worries! I am pretty sure I loved snow days when I was in elementary school!




I think this will be my year of lists! My goal is 2 lists a month on my blog or maybe even one a week…

January’s list #1 New Year’s Resolutions!
1. Spend quality time with the family… my husband, my mom, my son!
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week!
3. Read for pleasure each week!
4. Put down the ipad/iphone… and talk to someone!
5. Start a new hobby or pick up an old one!
6. Do something unexpectedly nice for someone who is not expecting it each week!
7. Smile and laugh more… stress less!
8. Eat more vegetables!
9. Be more thankful!
10. Blog every week!




Happy Fall to All!
We are so excited about the great learning and all the information that is available to our students and families. Check it out below! Follow us on twitter too! – @vpepatriot

HURRY UP AND LEARN MORE THAN YOUR KIDS KNOW… Staying a step ahead is in important!
Check out this blog about technology that is not good for kids! It is a great resource! Remember you are the parent and you need to stay ahead of the learning curve! Also remember most importantly it is okay and even a good thing to say NO!

Make plans to attend our PTA meeting and BULLYING information session, November 13 at 7:45 a.m. Donna Meers will be sharing about bullying and what we should for our kids. A former teacher of children with emotional and behavioral disorders, Donna has served as a behavior consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE) Behavior Consultant’s Network and Central Kentucky Special Education Cooperative.
She is passionate about helping our kids.

“Sharing the tools and resources to increase the likelihood of academic and social success for all students is my passion.  If you want it… teach it!” —Donna Meers

Information coming soon about our recent survey and next steps.
We will be looking at communication systems, homework and more!
Thank you for the great input that makes VPE the best it can be for our students!